Mopar at Moab: 2010 Rock Crawlers

Mopar Jeep 00 Mopar at Moab: 2010 Rock Crawlers
While Chrysler’s on-lot product seems to be significantly lacking in the appeal department, the company’s Mopar tuning division continues to impress. Being showcased during the annual Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah (is there any way to say that WITHOUT sounding like a PR executive?) between March 27th and April 4th) will be some of Mopar’s more hardcore concepts.

Much like last year, when Mopar unveiled such hosses as the Lower Forty and J8 Sarge, Mopar will be bringing a variety of Jeeps and trucks.

This year’s stars include two Wranglers (J7 and Trail Boss), a Ram (Power Wagon), and a Patriot (Extreme). From spy shots and press pics, it looks like it’s gonna be an off-road bonanza full of color and big tires.

The J7 is a said to be a 4-door Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited which is rumored to be a stripped down model in the G.I. vein, while the Trail Boss is probably yet another heavy-duty Wrangler 2-door that can handle anything and then some.

The Ram Power Wagon is shaping up to be another Baja-badass like Chevy’s SEMA-fied ZR2 Silverado and Ford’s too-legit-to-quit SVT Raptor, albeit with a short cab / short bed layout. All that, AND it has a color scheme eerily similar to Techart’s Concept One. Wonder if it has the snakeskin (or cerbero) trim?

Lastly, the Jeep Patriot Extreme is a dream come true, finally looking like the Cherokee successor it’s supposed to be (as a Cherokee owner, I refuse to accept that the Liberty is a fitting substitute). Lifted and wearing fender flares. Now the Cherokee can finally rest in peace.

MP010 003JP Mopar at Moab: 2010 Rock CrawlersMP010 002JP Mopar at Moab: 2010 Rock CrawlersMP010 001RM Mopar at Moab: 2010 Rock Crawlers
MP010 001JP Mopar at Moab: 2010 Rock Crawlers

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