2011 Alfa Romeo Giulia 159′s Successor Illustrated Photos

Alfa Romeo Giulia 0 2011 Alfa Romeo Giulia 159s Successor Illustrated Photos

What you see pictured above is an artist’s impression of the Alfa Romeo 159 replacement that is reported to revive the Giulia nameplate as the Italians are swapping their current system of numeric names for more personal ones (e.g. the 147′s successor will be named Milano). The CGI, courtesy of Motorionline, is apparently more of a wild guess on the Guilia’s styling than anything else, but in any case, we’ll let you decide if you like it or not.

The Giulia, which isn’t expected to surface on the market before the second half of 2011, will make use of Fiat Group’s new versatile C-Evo platform that will also underpins the forthcoming Milano hatchback.

And yes, unfortunately this means that the Giulia will not make the transition to rear-wheel drive. Instead, Alfa’s 3-Series challenger will be offered with front-wheel drive with the option of the Italian firm’s Q4 four-wheel drive system.

It’s too early for any official information on the engine range, but we suspect that the Giulia will most likely be offered with Alfa’s 1.75-liter turbocharged four-cylinder petrol as well as with a V6 petrol and numerous turbo diesels.

And how about a GTA variant? Well, that’s a tough one especially since Alfa abandoned its plans for a ‘hot’ 159, but hopefully the Italian automaker will make it up with the presentation of the Giulia GTA.!

Alfa Romeo Giulia 1 2011 Alfa Romeo Giulia 159s Successor Illustrated Photos

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