Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA Photos

335b56o Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA Photos

Just because someone supports that a photo is official, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re obliged to take their word for granted. Such is the case with this allegedly official picture of the highly-anticipated 230HP 1.8 Turbo Alfa MiTo GTA that appeared on a dedicated Alfa Romeo blog. Even though at first it looks to be the real deal, for one, Alfa has published a similar photograph of the standard MiTo in red.

Plus, there are two details that don’t quite sit well with us: the Alfa Romeo logo that has been moved from the grille to the bumper and what appears to be some sort of hood scoop that’s positioned behind the right windscreen washer nozzle. Could be that we’re totally wrong and this is indeed a leaked official photograph, but until we see something coming out from Alfa, we’ll be wary of its authenticity.

Alfa MiTo GTA002 Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA Photos
Alfa MiTo GTA001 Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA Photos

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