ASI’s $800,000+ Bentley Continental GT Based Tetsu GTR Photos

ASI Tetsu GTR 0 ASI’s $800,000+ Bentley Continental GT Based Tetsu GTR Photos

We don’t want to seem offensive or anything, but even though the hand painted bodywork on this Bentley Continental GT based Tetsu GTR from ASI is original Japanese artwork by Nakamura Tetsuei, we do find it kinda weird to dress you car’s hood with flowers. Especially if someone finds out that you paid something north of $800,000 or €520,000 which is the starting price for every one of the 29 Tetsu GTRs that the Japanese tuning firm will produce.

Artwork aside, ASI’s Tetsu GTR features an aggressively styled wide-bodykit (+1,800 mm) that includes dry carbon bonnet, trunk and rear wing spoiler along with several mechanical upgrades the most important being the modified 6.0L W12 engine that now produces 800 Hp. –More pics after the jump.

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