Audi’s Global Sales Drop 10.7 Percent in March Photos

2rnhukx Audis Global Sales Drop 10.7 Percent in March Photos

Even though it fared better than the overall market, Audi saw its worldwide sales fall by 10.7 percent to 90,400 cars in March (2008: 101,251 units). Region-wise, in Western Europe, Audi sold 61,200 cars in March representing a decline of 12.9 percent compared to 2008 (2008: 70,269) while in the U.S., the German automaker sold 6,433 cars, or 19.7% less than 2008 (7,986 units).

In North and South America combined, the Ingolstadt-based premium brand sold nearly 8,500 cars in March on the American continent, or 14.5 percent fewer than in the preceding year (2008: 9.946). As for the Asia-Pacific region, Audi increased its sales by about 5 percent compared with the preceding year (2008: 14,909), with a total of around 15,600 cars, mainly due to its success in China where it sold 11,848 cars.

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