Home Made VW Beetle EV “Black Current” Shocks Tesla Roadster Photos Videos

VW Bug Black Current 0 Home Made VW Beetle EV Black Current Shocks Tesla Roadster Photos VideosHere’s a short clip of a home-made, electric-powered VW Beetle nicknamed “Black Current” (which jets off the line like a penny racer) taking on Tesla’s Roadster at the Santa Pod drag strip. According to the info, it was an “Alternative Energy Racing” event, something that will likely be getting more and more common in the future.

The “Black Current” bug is powered by a pair of forklift truck motors with 60 12 volt batteries and a Gearvendor over/under drive unit. This set-up is said to produce around 1200lb/ft of torque offering the Beetle EV a 0-60mph time of around 3 seconds.

The official times for the quarter mile run at the drag strip were 11.76 seconds for the Beetle and 12.75 seconds for the Tesla. Take THAT, Elon Musk.

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