Land Rover Reveals Range_e, the Hybrid Electric Range Rover Sport Photos Images

Land Rover will be putting its first dedicated hybrid model into production in 2013. The Range Rover Sport hybrid prototype shown here is named Range_e (the cutest-sounding name in just forever), and previews the diesel-electric hybrid power/drive train the rest of the world should be expecting.

Range Rover e 02 Land Rover Reveals Range e, the Hybrid Electric Range Rover Sport Photos ImagesIf successful, expect a plug-in circa 2015 that would return 20 miles or about 32 kilometers of city driving under electric power.

Right now Land Rover is working on Rang_e’s diesel-electric setup, but engineers say that a gasoline hybrid is also under developed. After all, we here in the States don’t get diesel Rovers (for the life of me I don’t know why).

Transmission duties for the Range_e (and upcoming models) will be handled by a ZF 8-Speed automatic, while extensive use of aluminum and other lightweight materials should help keep all upcoming Rovers’ weight issues in check.

After the Sport debuts, everyone is expecting that hybrid versions of the big papa Range Rover and the mid-side LR/Discovery will be following shortly.

Expect more information as it’s released.

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