MTM Tweaks the Audi TT RS up to 424-Horsepower Photos

Audi TT RS MTM 001 MTM Tweaks the Audi TT RS up to 424 Horsepower PhotosThe new Audi TT RS with its 340HP 2.5-liter turbocharged inline-five that harks back to the original Ur-Quattro of the 1980s is the center of focus for MTM’s latest tuning proposal. The German firm has developed new software for the engine’s ECU and a sport exhaust system featuring new middle- and end- pipes with throttle valves.

The tuner offers three different engine packages, the first two being extremely close in performance. The Stage 1 kit boost power from 340HP to 402HP and maximum torque from 450Nm to 550Nm for a top speed of 285km/h (177mph) while the Stage II kit, to 408HP and 555Nm for a maximum speed of 287km/h (178mph).

Finally, the Stage III kit lifts output to 424HP and 560Nm allowing the TT RS to achieve a top speed of 292km/h or 182mph.

The engine upgrades can be complemented with a set of 19- or 20-inch Bimoto alloy wheels.

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