‘Proximity Rear Wings planned for F1 2011

7b285ea2 2e1a 4de8 be04 7db4dde337b4 ‘Proximity Rear Wings planned for F1 2011‘Proximity’ rear wings, which reduce drag when following another car closely, look set to boost overtaking in F1 next season.During an interview with the BBC during the Canadian Grand Prix weekend, McLaren team principal and FOTA chairman Martin Whitmarsh stated:

“The twin diffusers we know and love will be disappearing for next year. I think that is an important initiative.

“The other issue is the moveable aerodynamic devices. The wings.

“I think that, providing we write the sporting regulations such that there is a ‘proximity sensitivity’ – which means that if you are following another car you can use it, but if you are leading then you can’t use it to defend – then I think that could be quite exciting.”
Mercedes GP team principal Ross Brawn gave further details of the planned rear wing design, explaining that it will be an enhanced version of ‘F-duct’ technology – first introduced into F1 by McLaren this season – whereby the driver can ‘disable’ his rear wing to gain straight-line speed.

“I think there’s some good changes [for 2011],” said Brawn. “I think what’s exciting is this rear wing, which will allow the driver to kill the drag. What’s been clear with the F-duct this year is that you can have a [driver] manageable situation.

“It’s going to be an enhanced F-duct, where the car that is following will be allowed to reduce its drag to attack the car in front. I think that will give a lot more opportunity for overtaking.”

KERS is also tipped to make a comeback next season.

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