2012 Lexus LFA Video Gallery, reviews

lexus+lf+a 2012 Lexus LFA Video Gallery, reviews
Lexus may not have the performance car heritage that some of it rivals have but its latest 2012 LFA supercar does what the Lexus brand is known for, the pursuit of perfection. Every tiny detail has been considered in developing the car, right down to the pitch of its exhaust note.

In fact, when developing the exhaust for the LFA, Lexus engineers enlisted the help of Yamaha, a company that plays a hand in the development of musical instruments, to fine tune a perfect sound from the supercar’s three-pipe exhaust.

Okay Lexus, I get it already. You built a remarkable exotic car. Now can you please stop all of the car porn shattering glasses and now teasing me with this obnoxious track video. This is the 3rd keyboard I have gone through now I have to get another one all because of you. Just kidding Lexus, I Love You!

Enjoy the video

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