Citroen Hypnos Hybrid Crossover Concept Heading for Paris Show Photos

Citroen Hypnos Hybrid Crossover Concept

In the Hellenic mythology Hypnos was the god or if you prefer the spirit of sleep. Now why would Citroen want to name a car ‘Sleep’ is something beyond us. Maybe it was because it had a nice ring to it, who knows. Seeing the psychedelic sketch of the interior, we gather that the name ‘Morpheus’, who was one of the four sons of Hypnos and the god of dreams, would have seemed more appropriate.

In any case, the French automaker’s stylish coupe-like crossover will make its first appearance at next month’s Paris International Motor Show. The nicely proportioned crossover is powered by a hybrid drivetrain with an engine that develops an output of 200 bhp. Citroen says that the Hypnos Concept manages to combine dynamic performance with a low fuel consumption of 4.5 lt/100 km or 52.3 mpg US and CO2 emissions of just 120 g/km. -Continued

Citroen Hypnos Hybrid Crossover Concept

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