Hummer H2 7-Seater Convertible – Photos

2iibmvd  Hummer H2 7 Seater Convertible   Photos

The priceless automotive oddities just keep coming in from the United Arab Emirates. This time someone spotted a ghastly Hummer H2 drop-top conversion parked right outside of the high-class Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi. As if chopping the roof off the Hummer wasn’t enough of a crime, the owner of the vehicle also added a third row of seats increasing passenger capacity seven and while he was at it, he decorated the H2 with a tribal pattern paint job, a hood scoop with integrated lights and a set of shiny-shiny chrome alloy wheels…

Hummer H2 Cabriolet 3  Hummer H2 7 Seater Convertible   Photos

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