Hyundai Makes it to Harrods Photos

Hyundai Harrods 0  Hyundai Makes it to Harrods Photos
In a bit of a marketing stretch, Hyundai is trying to “sell” its new iX35 compact crossover (sold as the 2010 Tucson in North America) at the kind of crowd that shops at Harrods’ luxury department store in Knightsbridge, London. The South Korean firm’s new crossover model will be on show in Harrods’ Brompton Road window displays for a week starting from Monday 7th June.

Hyundai’s managing director, Tony Whitehorn said: “We are very proud to have our newest model on display in such an iconic location. Like everything in Harrods, the ix35 has been designed to be stylish, great value and of the highest quality.”

The automaker said that staff members from its UK division will be on hand at the department store to answer any product questions about the new iX35.

Hyundai Harrods 1  Hyundai Makes it to Harrods Photos

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