Jenson Button says he is surprised by Red Bull Issues

1276612236 Jenson Button says he is surprised by Red Bull IssuesJenson Button says he is surprised that rival Red Bull Racing has not stamped its authority on the championship – but thinks it is down simply to his McLaren team doing a better job.Although Red Bull Racing has been the team to beat over the first phase of the championship because its RB6 has been so quick, it is McLaren that has won more races and currently leads the championship.And Button believes that the back-to-back successes for his team in Turkey and Canada have given him and team-mate Lewis Hamilton the momentum in the championship.

“I think it is a surprise that Red Bull are not at the front,” said Button, who has already won two races this year. “They have been so quick at every race but we have done a very good job, especially the last two races.

“We have been quick but we have also done a better job over the whole weekend. We are first and second in the championships, and there are three points between us.

“There are only three points back to [Mark] Webber, which is not a lot, but it is a great position as we head back into Europe and Valencia. It is a circuit that is quite similar to this. I think the Red Bulls will be strong, as will Ferrari and Mercedes, but we have got a good car and we have got momentum.

“Then there is the British GP. It would be nice as a team to be leading into the British GP. I don’t know how it is going to go at the next race, but I would love to be leading going into the British GP. I am sure Lewis is the same.”

Despite his confidence about McLaren’s current situation, Button is under no illusions about the potential of the RB6 – although he thinks major upgrades for his own car planned for the British GP could well overcome its rivals.

“Red Bull have still got a very quick car,” he said. “I know from when I had Vettel behind me how quick they were. On their day, when they get everything right, they are unbeatable. But luckily enough for us they haven’t got everything together on many occasions this season.

“Every race we go to from here on, you can’t say we will walk all over them but the Red Bulls will be there. It is whether they can put the weekend together or not.

“The next race they have a big upgrade from what I’ve heard, so they are going to be quick in Valencia. We will see where we stand when we get there.

“The British GP we have got some good upgrades which are exciting and will suit that type of circuit, so I think heading into the British GP from here it is looking good.”

Although Button is delighted with the way his season is going, following his switch from Brawn GP, he admits there are areas where he needs to improve – especially his qualifying performance.

“I am alright, I am really happy,” he said about his feelings at McLaren. “The last few races I have felt really at home in the team. My race pace has been good, but qualifying was not great for me. That is an area I have got to work on closely with my engineers as I am a little bit off Lewis at the moment.

“But also Lewis did a phenomenal job. You can’t take that away from him in qualifying. He was so quick in qualifying but it was nice to be on terms with him in the race and try and chase him down at the end, but it wasn’t to be. You have got to congratulate Lewis for his job. He has been great all weekend.”

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