Kubica – Not in the right workspace

Q0C4498 800x600 Kubica   Not in the right workspaceThe tires play in the return of the Canadian Grand Prix in Formula 1 are probably the biggest role. On Friday, the Montreal track was extremely slippery, the tires were no liability on the slopes, heavy graining was the result. Even if Renault was one of them is not spared, though the times of Robert Kubica again could augur well.

“The track is very demanding on the tires, especially with the new coating. It is very slippery, you get no energy in the tires,” says Kubica. “Today, the tires have reduced greatly. The tires are simply not in the correct work area. For tomorrow we need to improve. All had trouble with the tires and a new surface – or a combination of both.”
“Added to that the track and the brakes heavily burdened, because there are many straight lines, is delayed to the end,” he continues. “Care must therefore also on its brakes. We must find the right compromise between speed and reliability.”
Despite the good times would not comment on Kubica estimate for the rest of the weekend. “I had the training on Friday has never been an expectation, because that can be quite confusing,” he explains. “We hope that we will qualify in the top ten. We see that all are very close.”

Since the last Canadian show, things have changed in Formula 1: Nachtankverbot, the slicks are back and a heavily revised aerodynamics. To major changes on the route led the not. “The track is indeed the same,” said Kubica. “Two years ago we had problems with it, that set off the asphalt. This year the surface is good, but very slippery. The cars are already very different from two years ago. But all the characteristics of the track is still the same.”

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