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Another day, another recall-nightmare for Toyota Motor Corp. This time, the Japanese automaker said it was recalling around 373,000 of its 2000-2004MY Toyota Avalons, and approximately 39,000 of its 2003-2007MY Lexus LX 470s in the U.S. for unrelated problems concerning steering parts that may be defective.

Toyota said in a statement that the Avalon sedan’s problem involves the steering interlock system, which due to “improper casting”, may develop a crack that can expand, making it difficult to unlock the steering system when stationary. The company said it is possible the steering wheel can become locked while the car is being driven.

The Japanese automaker said it will fix the problem by replacing the steering column bracket on involved vehicles free of charge. The procedure is said to take about two hours to complete. The recall will begin in late August.

Moving on the Lexus LX 470 SUV, the company said the problem here is that the construction of the steering shaft is such that the snap ring on the shaft may disengage if the vehicle hits a pothole or a large bump and the driver makes a hard turn, causing the loss of steering.

“The remedy for this condition involves replacing the snap ring with a newly designed one and the installation of an additional component to prevent separation of the steering shaft,” said Toyota in a statement, adding that the fix will be free of charge.
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