Alfa Romeo Giulietta market launch campaign

31241995591632562 300x240 Alfa Romeo Giulietta market launch campaign

Hollywood actress Uma Thurman is the star of an advertising campaign starring the new Alfa Romeo Giulietta. The campaign, shot entirely in the US, starts airing in Italy on May 16 and plays on Thurman’s multi-faceted acting and beauty characteristics.

In the commercials the Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill star plays the roles of five different women who symbolise the different souls of the Giulietta. Her personalities are reflected in the features of the car and at some point they all merge.

Alfa says it is a car that exhibits sporting abilities when called upon, while remaining a comfortable drive in everyday situations. It has sophisticated suspension technical solutions, a dual pinion active steering, top-quality materials, two customisation packs and four turbo engines ranging from 8 8kW (118 bhp / 120 PS) up to 173 kW (232 bhp / 235 PS) for the Quadrifoglio Verde 1750 TBi.

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