Audi R4 S1 and A2 on the horizon 2014 product plan overview

6879199 300x130 Audi R4 S1 and A2 on the horizon 2014 product plan overview

Audi is set to bombard the market with more new products than ever before. Their product plan shows at least three all-new ranges plus a number of upgrades and additional derivatives.

Starting with the A1 sub-compact premium car, Audi is positioning itself to become the dominant automaker in its competitive segment. The A1 has already been unveiled and was even serialised online starring Justin Timberlake. Contrary to the A1 e-Tron concept, Audi says it will not have an electric A1 but is considering a hybrid with a start-stop system and brake energy regeneration. A performance S1 worth around 147kW (197 bhp / 200 PS) is also on the cards. So are cabriolet and Sportback versions.

The A2 makes a return to slot between the A1 and A3. It will be a supermini with a high roof for extra space and sport an all-electric powertrain. The five-seater city car is expected to lead the way in hi-tech construction solutions and internal comfort features.

Automotive electrification seems inevitable and Audi cannot be left behind. After showing off the e-tron based on the R8, Audi unveiled a more compact version in Detroit this year. The original e-tron goes on sale in 2012 with a 230kW (308 bhp/ 313 PS) and 4,500Nm engine.

Every segment is under scrutiny from Audi. Because the TT has moved upmarket and become quite costly to buy, a smaller sports car called the R4 is under development for a 2013 launch. It will pit its powers against the popular Mazda MX-5 and feature engines such as the 1.4 TSI with 132kW (177 bhp/ 180 PS). The speculated entry price of €22,100 (US$27,500) should bring in the desired sales, especially if it is well equipped with standard goodies. Detroit’s e-tron, a confirmed electric R4, comes later with two electric motors making 150kW (201 bhp / 204 PS) and 2650Nm of torque. The 0 – 100km/h sprint comes in under 6 seconds.

Finally the all-new TT appears on the scene in 2014.

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