BMW 328 Touring Coupe

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Seventy years after its first win, the BMW 328 Touring Coupé has won once again in the 2010 Mille Miglia.

With drivers Giuliano Cané and Lucia Galliani at the helm, the BMW 328 Touring Coupé made its way through 1,000 miles of the Italian peninsula, to take first place in the storied competition. Another BMW team in a production series 328, Enzo Ciravolo and Maria Leitner, came in third.

The BMW 328 Touring Coupé first won the Mille Miglia race back in 1940. Back then, the car itself was driven to Brescia, Italy from Munich, which is exactly what Cané and Galliani did this time around too. Dressed in BMW motorcycle gear, they were able to brave the elements for the drive through the Alps as well as in the Mille Miglia race which took them from the warm coast on the Adriatic up to the cool mountain air of Monte Terminillo.

“Victory by Giuliano Cané and Lucia Galliani along with third place achieved by Enzo Ciravolo and Maria Leitner are a marvelous example of teamwork,” said Karl Baumer, head of BMW Classic, in the press release.

In an odd parallel, BMW also took first and third place back in 1940.

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