Ferrari 458 GT looks seriously hot

499064615484854604 300x225 Ferrari 458 GT looks seriously hot

Automotive designer Jon Sibal has released an early rendering of a prospective Ferrari 458 GT.  The car, which could replace the F430 GT, could be in the same line as the 458 Italia Challenge.

Sibal based his rendering on the F430 GT, and added wider fenders, racing wheels, and an interior made for the track.  The artist also dropped the car down a bit to give it a racecar’s stance.

Even though the rendering looks pretty clean, the artist is a bit of a perfectionist and will likely keep working on the illustration.  “This was a quickie so please excuse some of the roughness,” Sibal said on his website.

Sibal also has some experience with Ferrari’s latest car.  He got a chance to get up close and personal with the 458 Italia Challenge at both Barret-Jackson and Cars and Coffee in Southern California.

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