Ford C-MAX

14317094091432673737 300x192 Ford C MAX

Ford is pushing ahead with plans to use a manufacturing facility in Valencia, Spain, to get the Ford C-Max hybrid and plug-in hybrid to the European market by 2013.  The same facility will be used to produce a seven-seat C-Max that will be shipped off to North America, and sold from showrooms there in late 2011.

Total investment in the C-Max lineup has topped €300 million, of which €27 million was earmarked for the hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions.  The two hybrid electric models are part of Ford’s strategy to release five vehicles that significantly incorporate the use of battery power in the near future.  The C-Max models are joined by the 2011 Ford Transit Connect all-electric, the all-electric next-gen 2012 Ford Focus, and an as-yet undisclosed fifth hybrid unit.

“Ford is a leader today in Europe when it comes to offering customers efficient and affordable environmental technologies, such as our ECOnetic range of ultra-low CO2 diesel-powered vehicles and our new EcoBoost advanced petrol engine range,” said Ford Europe chief John Fleming.

“The five alternative powertrains we will introduce by 2013 – including the new HEV and PHEV C-Max models we are confirming today – strengthen our ongoing commitment to providing customers with access to significant fuel economy improvements and reduced CO2 emissions to meet their functional needs and without compromising their driving experience.”

Meanwhile, the seven-seat model C-Max is expected to get dual sliding doors, and a flexible seating arrangement inside.  Based on the Grand C-Max, due in Europe later this year, it is likely powered by an EcoBoost four-cylinder direct-injection petrol engine.

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