Design Black Saphire for Mercedes SL 63 AMG

19868191311416813607 300x199 Design Black Saphire for Mercedes SL 63 AMG

Engineers at the German tuning company Inden Design have created a new refresher for the Mercedes-Benz SL 63 AMG R230 facelift.  The expensive set of upgrades includes performance enhancement, new body parts, wheels, suspension, and more.

The team is able to provide a power increase, taking the engine’s output to 560 horsepower and up to 670 Nm of torque.  This is not included in the €19,900 cost of body parts, which provides the customer with a new front bumper with spoiler, ventilated hood and fenders, side skirts, rear apron, rear diffuser, and rear spoiler.  For an additional €3,500, a carbon fiber hood can be provided.  The material can also be used on the rear diffuser for an added €800.

Sadly, this cost does not include €8,000 for labor, and €7,500 for putty work and painting.

The high prices do not stop there, as 11×20 inch front and 13×20 inch rear wheels wrapped in Dunlop high speed tires will cost €13,200.  The Black Saphire wheel is a multipart light alloy, and is built for performance.  Modifications to the ABC suspension increases the price tag by €1,550 to drop the body, but it raises back up by 20mm once the car hits 70 km/h.

Other parts like a rear camera (€900), Black Saphire steel tailpipes (€1,220), and daytime runners (€420) can also be purchased.  Unspecified modifications are also available for the interior.

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