German car demand growing

4019263 300x187 German car demand growing

With sales on the upswing, Germany’s three big luxury automakers are increasing production and hiring temporary workers.

In the first half of the year, Audi sales have surged 19.1% (compared to last year). To cope with demand, the company has added additional shifts to boost production.

Likewise, Mercedes has hired 1,800 temporary workers to increase production of the SLS AMG, GLK, and E-Class Convertible.

Not to be outdone, BMW has ramped up production (thanks to a €1,060 – on average – overtime agreement) and added 5,000 temporary workers. Many of these employees will be building the redesigned 5-Series which is sold out in all markets. In some cases, customers are waiting three to four months for delivery.

Much of the sales growth is coming from China, which has over 900,000 millionaires (in U.S. dollars). Eagar to show their newfound wealth, they are rushing to purchase German luxury automobiles at an astounding rate. In fact, China recently surpassed Germany as Audi’s most important sales market.

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