MINI taunts Porsche with ongoing PR challenge releases Rocky IV spoof video

MINI USA has produced an excellent video challenging Porsche to a race.  The video, created by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay-backed website Funny or Die, is a direct parody of the extended training montage from Rocky IV.

The video is the latest in a ten-day back-and-forth between MINI USA President Jim McDowell, a former Porsche executive, and Porsche North America President and CEO Detlev Von Platen.  It began with MINI placing a full-page ad in the New York Times challenging Porsche to a race at Road Atlanta, near Porsche NA headquarters.  Porsche politely declined, saying that they are in motorsports to challenge themselves, not for publicity stunts.  MINI fired back twice, first by flying a banner over Porsche NA that simply read, “Dear Porsche, Bring it!  Love, MINI.”  The second is this video.

Will Porsche accept the challenge, in the spirit of Rocky v. Drago, Seabiscuit v. War Admiral, and Daniel v. Cobra Kai?  Stay tuned!

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