Ferrari four-year product life cycle announced new model every year

9015170 300x146 Ferrari four year product life cycle announced new model every year

Ferrari’s new corporate plan is to keep a lineup of four models on sale every year, with each model having a four-year lifecycle, according to company CEO Amadeo Felisa.  Felisa, in an interview with Motor Trend, said that after four years, models will be refreshed with a “modificato”, or “M”, facelift.

For now, the company plans to sell two “versatile” models, like the 612 and the California, and two “extreme performance” supercars, like the 458 and 599, every year.  Either a brand new model, or a modificato, will get a market launch annually.

This plan looks to begin with a replacement to the 612 Scaglietti, with more space in the cabin, but not a four-door, for the end of 2011, and a new car to take over for the 599 in 2012.  A hybrid model could see its way into production by 2015, though Felisa finds the idea less than exciting.

“We are doing hybrids because if we don’t there will be no more Ferrari,” he said. “We are forced by fuel consumption and CO2 rules. We will have to do other things too, aerodynamics and lightweight, because hybrid isn’t enough. But it’s not under discussion to change the character of a Ferrari. We won’t lose performance.”

Scuderia and Spyder models will also be launched periodically, while ultimate Ferrari special editions, like the Enzo, will be rolled out about once every ten years.

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