Peugeot 508 Photo Leaked

65932517306777327 300x147 Peugeot 508 Photo Leaked

Peugeot’s 407 replacement has been leaked through two clear pictures. The upcoming 508 sedan and SW (wagon) look much slicker and more upmarket than the 407. It is heavily based on the 5 by Peugeot concept car and keeps a lot of its design elements. The sedan is expected to debut at the 2010 Paris International Motor Show in October, while the wagon will come at a later stage.

Some technologies expected to make their way into the 508 include a start/stop engine system and a Hybrid4 diesel flagship with lithium-ion battery technology. Other motors should include the same 1.6 petrol turbo shared with Citroen and MINI, a 119 kW (160 bhp / 162 PS) 2.0 HDI and a 177 kW (237 bhp / 240 PS).

The car has already been caught doing extensive testing. It should be more fuel efficient and more spacious than its predecessor. More importantly it wants to take on the three Huns in its segment much more effectively than ever before.

Peugeot will start selling the 508 later this year, with UK sales scheduled for early 2011.

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