Porsche Panamera 2011

5111955491401777705 300x195 Porsche Panamera 2011

Porsche has announced it will have a hybrid version of the Panamera S on the market by 2011, alongside its previously announced Cayenne S Hybrid.

The Panamera S Hybrid will feature the same drivetrain as the Cayenne S Hybrid — a 3.0 liter supercharged V6 with 333 PS coupled to a 34 kW electric motor for a total of 380 PS (280 kW). The Panamera is also expected to sport similar green numbers to that Cayenne S Hybrid with its fuel-economy rating of 8.2 liters/100 km and CO2 emissions below 200 g/km (193).

The Cayenne S Hybrid will be the first production Porsche model to be able to run on electric power alone, when it goes on sale next year ahead of the Panamera S Hybrid.

Porsche has also announced that they are in the process of developing all-electric drive technology, including battery systems, in order to build all-electric performance models in the future.  First road-going trials with three Boxster prototypes equipped with electromotive prowertrains begins in early 2011.

“We will definitely be offering an electric sports car in future. But such a concept only makes sense if it offers product qualities typical of a Porsche,” says Porsche AG CEO Michael Macht in the press release. Performance may not be the only issue, though, as making electric sports models profitably is more difficult than all the hype suggests.

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