Porsche Panamera Rivage GT 970 by Hofele-Design

14041223081047917231 300x193 Porsche Panamera Rivage GT 970 by Hofele Design

Tuners at German firm Hofele-Design have released a new body kit, suspension, exhaust and braking upgrades for the Panamera.  The Porsche Panamera Rivage GT 970 features remodeling all around the exterior, as well as refinements to the car’s interior.

The full featured body kit replaces stock Panamera parts with a new front bumper with large air vents, the grille from a Cayenne Turbo, and the Panamera Turbo’s LED daytime running lights and turn indicators.  A new set of side skirts is also installed, which leads to the rear spoiler and replacement rear bumper with integrated rear diffuser.  A central fog light has also been installed at this position.  The diffuser is flanked on either side by two of the quad-tipped exhaust pipes, with a performance muffler of stainless steel, and tuned for a sporty sound.

Buyers will be encouraged to pick up the 10 x 22-inch K-Series five-spoke single piece silver wheels, but can also choose the Reverso or Prado double-spoke models.  9 x 20 Prado five double-spoke wheels in glossy black, white, matte black, and silver are also available.

Behind the wheels lies a six-piston red caliper brake set with cross-drilled and vented 370 x 35mm discs.  Potentially, the company can outfit the car with a four-piston, 342 x 34mm set of brakes instead, and they acknowledge that other disc diameters may also be possible.

Engineers also fit an electronic lowering system, which brings the car down as much as 40 mm.  The three-stage system works at speeds up to 80 km/h (50 mph), and has a kill switch that brings the car back to its original height.

Inside, customers will be pleased with the bi-color quilted leather, available in many color choices, and on any seating configuration.  The matching leather can be used for the door inserts as well.  The company’s team may also be able to cover other items on the car in the material, if desired.

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