2010 Fiat linea T-Jet -Photos,Price,Specifications,Reviews

fiat linea 2010 Fiat linea T Jet  Photos,Price,Specifications,Reviews

fiat linea tjet 04 2010 Fiat linea T Jet  Photos,Price,Specifications,Reviews

fiat linea tjet 05 2010 Fiat linea T Jet  Photos,Price,Specifications,Reviews

Fiat Linea T-Jet has a 1.4 liter T-Jet engine which can produce the highest power of 110 BHP. 200 NM is the highest torque which can be generated by this car. The new engine is fitted in this car for making it more powerful. This will help Fiat to get the “Slow” tag removed from Fiat Linea. This sedan car will also be offered in a new color i.e. blue. The appearance of this car is decent yet very attractive. Fiat Linea T-Jet surely showcases an Italian look which has been seen in Fiat Punto.

To the current versions, Fiat has made many enhancements such as turbocharged engine, automatic headlamps, rain sensing wipers, reverse parking sensors, 0-100 kmph in just 9.2 seconds, etc. 1.4 litre turbocharged T-Jet engine is powered in Linea T-Jet which generates maximum power of 110 Bhp with maximum torque of 200 Nm. In just 9.2 seconds the car reaches 0-100 kmph and offers 120PS @5000rpm and torque of 200Nm @2500rpm. The T-Jet has a top speed of about 200 kmh and comes with 5-speed manual transmission. The car also gets more sound insulation to decrease noise emitted by the engine and the air conditioning units.

That complaint will be over when Fiat launches the Linea T-Jet at the upcoming Auto Expo 2010 at New Delhi in January. The 1400 cc petrol engine now gets a turbocharger, and that means a stupendous boost in sheer horsepower. What the Linea T-Jet offers you is 120 PS @ 5000 rpm. That takes to to the same level of power output as the all-new Honda City, which is the flavour of the year since it was launched. Max torque is believed to be 206 nm.

Top speed, 0-60 acceleration timing and overall drivablity are all expected to go up with the arrival of the Fat Linea T-Jet. Price would go up too, and we would guess the Linea T-Jet would be priced at least Rs 1.5 lakh more than the current petrol Linea top-end version. Almost one year after the launch of the Fiat Linea in India, it gets an engine it deserves. Great news indeed.

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