2011 Honda CR-V -Photos,Price,Specifications,Reviews

2007 Honda CR V 2 Large 2011 Honda CR V  Photos,Price,Specifications,Reviews

honda crv 2011 Honda CR V  Photos,Price,Specifications,Reviews

honda crv 1 2011 Honda CR V  Photos,Price,Specifications,Reviews

Car users always seek for better quality vehicles which perform remarkably well. However, they are not always lucky to buy cars which don’t have any drawback or defect. They have made mixed feedbacks about different car models. Recently the declaration made by official representatives of Honda management board has won the trust of people who want to buy cars which are eco-friendly, easy to operate and fuel economic. CR-V is a type of crossover model which is light in weight with low structural rigidity. LX, SE, EX, EX-L and EX-L are different models of CR-V car.

All wheel drive system is an indispensable part of CR-V variant. The car is also very much sophisticated and competent. The main feature of this car is that the vehicle is spacious with a well adjusted cargo wagon. You can keep luggage and other artifacts inside the wagon.

LX model is designed with 17 inch steel made wheelbases, keyless locking system, properly upgraded escutcheon in well combination with various types of car accessories. The cruise controlling system is also good and functional.

The electronic infotainment inside the cockpit of the cab is user-friendly and able to produce the marvelous sound track. There are odometer and tire pressure measurement tools. The glass screens at the front face of the vehicle are transparent and well fixed to the car compartment.

The compartment of the car is less weighty. Modern technology has been used to upgrade exterior and interior portions of the car. The torque supply process is conducted with accuracy as automatic transmission, exhaust system and clutch attachment have been inserted into the car in proper order. The frontal part of the vehicle is naturally designed with air vents, grilles and headlamp fixtures.

The electronic infotainment contains six CD changer system plus six speakers for better sound quality. The front dashboard is solid with smooth surface. A number of hidden drawers are attached with the dashboard. There is a properly adjusted binnacle which is positioned on the middle part of the dashboard. This is the sophisticated car which performs accurately to cover miles without spewing fume.

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Honda CR V can be purchased around Rs 14.8 lakhs. Variants available are Honda CR V 2.4 MT and Honda CR V 2.4 AT.

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