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The 2012 Ford Focus rolls into American showrooms in early 2011 as an all-new model built in the U.S. but designed to international standards. Ford is finally casting aside the creaky Focus it’s been pawning off on U.S. drivers for years. In its place comes a “global” car with advanced styling, engineering, fuel economy, and performance that could reboot what we think about affordable small cars.

The 2012 Ford Focus will enjoy a climate in which cars its size carry premium prices,one European Focus model sells for the U.S. equivalent of $35,000.

The 2012 Ford Focus has high-tech dashboard that supplements conventional audio and climate controls with liquid crystal displays (LCDs) and cell phone-style five-way buttons and keypads. Called MyFord, it’s customizable and governed via steering wheel controls or voice commands. The basic system uses a pair of 4.2-inch LCD screens, one in front of the driver for main instruments, the other atop the center console to display and adjust climate and infotainment functions. Higher-cost versions have an 8-inch central screen.

The 2012 Ford Focus has some safety features; a complete suite, including antiskid control, will likely be standard. Fold-down rear seats, power windows, locks, and mirrors probably will be included in the base price, as well. Options are sure to encompass leather upholstery and a power sunroof.

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