Audi to Unveil S1-Photos,Price,Specification,Reviews

Audi A1 Worthersee 51 1024x682 Audi to Unveil S1 Photos,Price,Specification,Reviews

Audi A1 Worthersee 6 1024x682 Audi to Unveil S1 Photos,Price,Specification,Reviews

Audi A1 Worthersee 8 1024x682 Audi to Unveil S1 Photos,Price,Specification,Reviews

Audi has listed the S1 as one of the cars it will reveal at this month’s Paris Motor Show. While Ingolstadt has not yet confirmed any technical details on the go-fast version of the A1 premium supermini (keep in mind, the car pictured here is not the S1 but one of the W├Ârthersee show concepts), sources state that it will be powered by the same 1.4-liter TSI turbocharged engine found under the hood of the Polo GTi. It is possible that Audi may tweak the four-cylinder unit to produce a few ponies than the 180HP it returns on the VW model.

The S1 will also get the usual performance parts such as taller and wider tires, upgraded suspension and brake system bits, as well as a styling package similar to the S-Line trim.

The new hot hatch from Audi should go on sale in Europe sometime next year, and like its regular siblings, it won’t be making its way to the States, or at least not any time soon according to recent statements from Audi officials.

According to Audi boss Rupert Stadler, Audi will milk the A1 for all its worth. The new compact Audi is designed to be turned into four individual models in a move the Stadler predicts will add at least 100,000 additional sales to its books annually.

The first model is the three-door hatchback we saw last night that is scheduled to go on sale in Europe later this year with prices starting around 16,000 euros ($22,062 USD).

Sources say that the three-door hatch will be followed by a five-door version that will share the same styling and dimensions but will be priced a little higher. Also under development is an Audi S1 due out in 2012. Power will come from a 1.4L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine putting out 180-hp. During the same year, Audi will also unveil an A1 cabriolet with a fabric hood and 2+2 seating.

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