2011 Alfa Romeo Monza V8 – Photos, Specifications, Reviews

IDECORE Alfa Romeo Monza 01 2011 Alfa Romeo Monza V8   Photos, Specifications, Reviews

Alfa Romeo presents a new digital concept named,Monza V8 is designed to honor the centennial celebration of the Italian firm. IDECORE is an acronym which refers to concepts, relationships, ideas, appearing as independent modelers and designers and describes the car model as an Executive Sport2+2 V8, which drives the rear wheels.

The car would measure 4.8 meters long with a good looks of this could also provide Alfa with a regular-production flagship coupe in place of its beautiful and very limited halo car, the 8C Competizione. The Alfa Romeo part is pretty clear and gets you thinking beautiful Italian design and the sort of vehicle that’ll definitely stir up some emotions. The V8 part means there’s some serious power under that beautiful badge and the fact that there’s a Monza badge on it should mean the power will be well tamed by a great chassis tuned to it’s finest on the infamous circuit.

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