2011 Lancia Stratos -Photos,Specifications,Reviews

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Lancia Stratos 2010 Side Speed 670x412 2011 Lancia Stratos  Photos,Specifications,Reviews

New details and images of the new 2011 Lancia Stratos have been released.The new car alongside an original Stratos and the designers have done remarkable job in recreating the classic’s unique shape, size and proportions that made the Stratos one of the most glorious rally car of all times.

2011 Lancia Stratos is built on a shortened Ferrari 430 Scuderia chassis, that has been fitted with a roll cage and a full carbon fiber body. The official numbers say the 2011 Lancia Stratos has a 2.25 kg per hp power-to-weight ratio and a 50:50 weight distribution.

The New Stratos with its entirely carbon fiber body – greater rigidity, which can in turn be observed in the vehicle’s extremely precise handling. Combined with a weight-to-power ratio of 2.25 kg per HP, and a weight distribution of nearly 50:50, these elements yield exceptional driving performance.



Length    :-  4181 mm
Width    :-1971 mm
Height  :-  1240 mm
Front track   :-  1668 mm
Rear track    :-  1701 mm
Wheelbase    :-  2400 mm
Front overhang   :-  968 mm
Rear overhang    :-  813 mm
WeightsDry Weight    :-  1247 kg
Weight distribution    :-  44% front, 56% rear
ChassisAluminium profile Scuderia chassis,    :-  20 cm shortened
Welded roll cage   :-   FIA FE45 steel, 40 x 2.5 mm
Body    :-  Full carbon fiber body and interior Visible carbon (Re Fraschini)
Aerodynamics    :-  Cw (at 140km/h) 0.357
A 2.07
Cw x A 0.738
EngineCylinders   :-   8
Engine capacity   :-  4308 cm³
Engine control unit   :-   Bosch, update
Exhaust    :-   High-performance system with free-flow manifold and sports catalytic converter (Capristo)
Maximum power    :-   375.4 Kw (540hp) at 8200 rpm
Torque    :-   > 500 Nm at 3750 rpm
Power-to-weight ratio    :-  2.3kg/hp
Gearbox     :-   6 speed sequential gearbox with mechanical variable differential (Drexler) Fast gear changes at less than 60 milliseconds
Gear Ratio     :-   4.3 / 5.0
Suspension    :-   Electronic suspension system CDC® (ZF Sachs)
Spring front    :-  Eibach, 120 N/mm
Spring rear    :-  Eibach, 180 N/mm

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