2011 Maruti Swift Dzire – Photos, Reviews, Price, Specifications

img 4150 2011 Maruti Swift Dzire   Photos, Reviews, Price, Specifications

15288 2011 Maruti Swift Dzire   Photos, Reviews, Price, Specifications

swift dzire 1 2011 Maruti Swift Dzire   Photos, Reviews, Price, Specifications

Who does not want to possess a car which is affordable, built with supreme state of the art technology as if seeming a bespoke model and overall something of a stunning design which will become a neighbour’s envy but an owner’s pride. One of such a car which is expected to hit the market for sale during the second half of the current year is called the 2011 Maruti Swift Dzire.

The car will be of a shorter length and will be cheaper than its predecessors. The present model is of 4.16 metres of length and carries an excise duty of twenty two percent. A reduction by four percent of the current length will reduce the duty by ten percent as a result of which the car will be cheaper by fifty six thousand rupees. This will be a definitive advantage as regards competitive price since the car falls in the highly competitive segment.

The car comes with a turbocharged engine of 1.3 litres having a five speed manual transmission. The front and rear disk brake drums are of very good quality. The fuel tank has the capacity of forty three litres. The interior of the car is also very attractive. It has window glasses which are tinted. The bumpers are coloured according to the colours of the model. The car also possesses tires which are tubeless and fog lamps. There are also power steering and climate control for ease of riding and driving. There are front and rear seat belts and door locks for child safety. 2011 Maruti Swift Dzire existing model gives an average fuel economy of fourteen and half kilometers per litre of diesel and thirteen kilometer per litre of petrol.

The current model of Dzire is available at Rs. 4.88 lakh for diesel and Rs. 7.07 lakh for petrol. They are of course the ex-showroom price.
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  1. Rajesh Arora says:

    Maruti Swift Dzire is endowed with many comfort features as well as safety features like power steering, tilt steering, power windows, air bags, electronic brake force distribution and brake assist.
    It’s every persons Dzire to Drive it!!!

  2. Vishwanathan says:

    Maruti Swift Dzire two things as to change:

    1. Back seat is not comfort to sit for long travel….
    2. Power windows switch is highlighted in Night time like Verna car…………….


  3. Arpan says:

    I think there is only one thing that should be changed in swift dzire & that is its displacement. its only 1300cc…according to the price & size of the car,a 1600cc engine should be provided at least in the top model..

  4. raja says:

    i heard that maruti is launching new swift dzire diesel engine. is it true? if then when will it available in the showrooms?

  5. R.K. says:

    It is good car, not best. I wish to know about the new dezire. specialy aout its rate and milaze. Also interested to know about the comperision with MANZA.

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