2011 Seat Ibiza ST Photos,Price,Specifications,Reviews

2011 Seat Ibiza ST from Front View Picture 570x427 2011 Seat Ibiza ST Photos,Price,Specifications,Reviews

2011 Seat Ibiza ST black front side view 499x375 2011 Seat Ibiza ST Photos,Price,Specifications,Reviews

2011 Seat Ibiza ST first drive test 588x441 2011 Seat Ibiza ST Photos,Price,Specifications,Reviews

Seat introduced a modern version named, Seat Ibiza ST.Real versions of the Ibiza is the perfect vehicle for young lifestyle and sports, combining all the values of the strong brand – it has an emotional design and interesting, it is a dynamic and efficient, convenient and easy to use and financially feasible.Its offers 6 modern engine variants as well as the extended operation of options as well as technologies. With an altogether length of 4.23 metres, a Seat Ibiza ST is longer than a 5-door chronicle by 18 centimetres – permitting copiousness of load space to encounter all a final of the sporty as well as mobile lifestyle.

SEAT Ibiza ST is longer than the 5-door version to 18 inches – which leaves plenty of space to meet all the requirements of supporting a lifestyle sport and mobile. in volume from 430 liters and generous can be extended in stages by dividing the folding rear seat back. Engineers paid particular attention to optimizing the width and depth of the load opening. The hull all built with incredible accuracy and rigor that distinguishes products SEAT.

The interior of the SEAT Ibiza, ST offers impressive levels of space and the character of high quality. SEAT designers and engineers of the attention to detail. All functional parts, easy to use and well made – as seen in the quality of its ingredients. A feel tense at the cabin, the circular air vents, gear stick modern – emotional character designs are presented to the SEAT Ibiza ST is also evident in the interior.

Extensive array of modern engines includes a newly EUV-compliant 1.4 and rises to a turbocharged 1.2-litre TSI that`s available with manual or ‘self-shifter` DSG ‘box. Diesel Ibiza ST buyers are offered the choice of a refined 75 PS 1.2-litre TDI CR – also available in the Ecomotive version – or a potent 1.6-litre TDI CR that`s good for 105 PS at 4,400 rpm.

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2011 new Seat Ibiza ST costs from just £12,070 RRP for the entry-level.

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