2011 Tata Safari – Photos, Price, Specifications, Reviews

Tata Safari Review 2011 Tata Safari   Photos, Price, Specifications, Reviews

Tata Safari 2010 2011 Tata Safari   Photos, Price, Specifications, Reviews

tata safari 2011 Tata Safari   Photos, Price, Specifications, Reviews

Tata is expected to update the existing model of the Tata Safari, as a product is a good affordable SUV. Safari is present in the market from almost a decade ago and yet with its comfy interiors and decent styling, it is till now a darling for many SUV lovers.

Tata Safari is one of the most luxurious model providing utmost comfort. The 2.2L, 16V diesel engine makes the new Tata Safari a true glider. Adjustable light intensity on instrumental panel, dark graphite and perforated tan leather seats and power windows are the attractive features of the new Tata Safari. Safety features that are available with it include airbags, ABS (Antilock Brake System) with EBD (Electronic Brake-Force Distribution) and reverse guide system.

2011 Tata Safari has a 2.2L, 16 valve and a VTT DICOR engine that churns a power of 140hp at the rate of 4000rpm. Further it has a capacity to provide a torque of 320Nm at the rate of 1700-2700 rpm. Some of the features that have been changed in the new Tata Safari in place include its dimension that has been reduced lengthwise from 4810mm to 4650mm, but it is to be noted that the cabin space has been kept same.

The Tata Safari 2010 model would be the last one to sport this design. It has been often reported that the Tata Safari 2011 model would be a complete revamp though the engine option will remain the same. The Tata Safari Dicor model that I had was the 2010 model. The looks of the SUV have remained virtually unchanged from the time it was introduced in the Indian market. The grille is the typical chrome unit with the Tata logo on it. The head lamps over the years have become clear lens units. The fog lamps are placed in the bumper of this vehicle and have a unique triangular shape to them. There is an aluminium skid plate located underneath the bumper signifying the SUV’s off-road capabilities.

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2011 Tata Safari will announced the price in India about Rs 765179 – Rs 1197795.


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    my dream car since my childhood and now i am 30 years, truly amazing, no matter what the specifications are, it will on top in my list

  2. Alex says:

    This is a car which i would always love to drive simply unbeatable makes affordable for every common person Truly a well built car.

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