2011 Toyota Camry – Reviews, Photos, Price, Specifications

2011 Toyota Camry White 2011 Toyota Camry   Reviews, Photos, Price, Specifications

camry 2011 2011 Toyota Camry   Reviews, Photos, Price, Specifications

2011 Toyota Camry 01 2011 Toyota Camry   Reviews, Photos, Price, Specifications

The Toyota Camry was last put to redesigning in the year 2008. The present model however comes not only with redesigned form but also comes with an affordable price tag. The Toyota Camry is rated among the best of the cars sold in America and is a market sensation.

The 2011 Toyota Camry has a bevy of virtues to impress the potential buyers. The car is now not only a family sized car but a car to fulfill all the needs of the owners. 2011 Toyota Camry has the choice of two different engines. It is a front wheel driven car and has a lot of packed in features like the ABS braking system for ultra safety, a mechanism that controls stability and balance. There are also front air bags for both the driver as well as the passenger who sit in the front. The knee air bag is also very useful for the driver in case of accident. There are also side air bags for extra safety and lighted side curtains during the day. The car comes with an aero dynamic design and is fitted with fog lamps for better visibility during poor conditions. Mirrors that are heated and electronically controlled sunroof are some of the options. The engine is of capacity of two and half litres and has a six speed transmission which is both automatic and manual. The 3.5 litre in turn offers an auto transmission of six speed.

Some other features of the car are as follows. It has bright headlights with automatic on and off features. It has also fog lamps and light emitting diode lamps at the rear of the car. The alloy wheels of seventeen inch size are a great feature of the car. It has also alloy wheels of ten spokes. The car also features heated mirrors at the outside and windshield with noise reducing features.

Who can resist not buying such a car with almost bespoke features?

–Kreation Guru
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2011 Toyota Camry will announced the base price at $19595.

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