Special Toyota Innova 2011, with great features

Toyota Innova Special Toyota Innova 2011, with great features

refreshed toyota innova india 11 Special Toyota Innova 2011, with great features

Innova Special Edition 1 2 Special Toyota Innova 2011, with great features

Toyota Innova gives people absolutely stress free journey.  A guy can enjoy car driving without having any fear about driving stress or technical issues. Toyota Innova 2011 features cutting edge technologies seamlessly incorporated in the model.  The competent engine can produce 136 horsepower inclusive of 5600 revolution per minute (rpm). Torque is 182NM (Newton Meter).  The car is equipped with specially chosen tools and equipments by experienced technical experts.

Toyota offers energy efficient and environment-friendly cars at justified price range.  This car is designed with ultra-modern fuel consumption reservoir.  According to the management committee of Toyota, this newly launched car has been engineered in compliance with Euro-II auto-emission act.  Both exterior and interior accessories of this car have been short listed after doing proper research. Two powerful halogen lamps have been attached to the front portion of Toyota Innova. These headlamps emit bright light during night.  Besides, to alert frequenters and passers-by, the car is equipped with side indicator lamps which are located on both sides of the car.  Seats are foldable and detachable.  The sloping roof adds extra glamour to the car.  It is a fantastic design idea.

Toyota Innova houses the side glass reflectors which are transparent and drivers can monitor well through these side inset mirrors.  The wheelbase is rimmed with durable leather/rubber which has excellent gripping/ traction. Axle bar is scratch resistant and therefore wheels roll smoothly without facing any disturbance.  The steering accessory of the car is covered with urethane material which is soft and long lasting.  Apart from this, the car is also designed with electronic cigarette lighter.  Passengers can light the cigars by using this lighter while traveling by car.  Indoor lighting fixtures are well adjustable and excellent in design.  The sunlight resistant visors are fixed sideways.  Driver can adjust these sun visors to prevent the direct hit of ultraviolet ray.

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The new Edition Innova announced the base price around Rs 9,92,300.

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