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Toyota Motor Corporation or Toyota in short was founded in 1937 by Kiichiro Toyoda. It has its headquarter in Toyota City in Aichi and in Tokyo. Vehicles were originally sold as Toyoda and not Toyota. As of now Toyota has become one of the car manufacturing giants and car fanatics wait with bated breath for the new models of the car to be launched. One of such model is 2011 Toyota Venza. But why is this car scheduled to become envied possession for the buyer? Well let us see.

It is a five seater passenger wagon type car available in levels of two trims. 2011 Toyota Venza has a four cylinder engine. It has alloy wheels of nineteen inch width. The headlights of this model are automatic and also consist of fog lamps for adverse weather visibility. The tailgate is powered and 2011 Toyota Venza offers an entry into the car without keys. It comes with a cruise control and also a climate control. It has a large display screen, phone with Bluetooth facility CD player and radio.

2011 Toyota Venza is available in engines which are either four or six cylinders and also has the option of either front wheel drive or all wheel drive. In addition to that it is fitted with automatic transmission of six speed. The engine can generate one hundred and eighty two horsepower and can reach a speed from zero to sixty miles per hour

As far as the safety is concerned, it has disc brakes of anti lock type. 2011 Toyota Venza can control stability and transition, the car comes fitted with airbags in front and in side curtains. There is also a air bag for driver’s knee protection. The advanced braking system can strop the car at sixty km/ph in less than one hundred and twenty two feet.

Overall it is a good car to possess and flaunt with great fuel economy.
–kreation guru

2011 Toyota Venza announced the Price Range around at $26,275 – $39,550.

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