2011 Vauxhall Astra VXR – Price, Photos, Reviews, Specifications

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Vauxhall has done a good job of making a load-lugger from the stylish Astra. The new Vauxhall Astra has been out for almost a year but up until now we’ve only had access to the five-door version. Vauxhall are all set to show us the sporty 3-door with its coupe-like styling, and that also means that they might be willing to tell us a bit more about the next Astra VXR.

Engine options at launch will be a choice of three diesels and three petrols. Diesels will be a 1.7 litre in either 108bhp or 123bhp flavours or a 2.0 litre with 158bhp. There will also be an EcoFlex option soon after launch with a 94bhp 1.3 litre. The petrol options are a 99bhp 1.4 litre, a 113bhp 1.6 litre and a 1,4 litre turbo with 138bhp. There should – at some dim and distant point in the Astra’s lifecycle – be an Astra VXR ST, which will be an enticing car.

The all new Astra bowed in less than a year ago in the depths of the GM crisis. Looking back at the first teases for the 2010 Astra we were at the point where Fiat where making moves to try and take over Vauxhall and Opel. That seems like a very long time ago, but it’s less than a year. And it’s a lot less since the new Astra started to hit the road after its official launch at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. But we’re still running with the old Astra VXR, so we have a ‘Limited Edition’ Astra VXR – the Arctic Edition – as a swansong

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The new Vauxhall Astra will be start price at £23, 595 on the road.

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