The Excitement around Chrysler 300 model of 2012

chrysler 2012 The Excitement around Chrysler 300 model of 2012

chrysler 300c front three quarter The Excitement around Chrysler 300 model of 2012

2 chrysler 300 images2 The Excitement around Chrysler 300 model of 2012
It is typically said in Commerce that human want has no limit and a rational consumer always searches for a better option to satisfy his ravenous hunger to possess a thing of his desire. One of such a possession is an exquisitely developed car by Chrysler. Scheduled to be introduced in the market next the car is said to bring about a renaissance in automobile industry.

The 2012 Chrysler 300 has been claimed to be nineteen percent more fuel efficient as compared to its other models. The valve exhaust system with state of art design will help in such increased fuel efficiency. Mounted with a four hundred and sixty five horsepower engine the car will reach a speed of one hundred kilometer per hour in less than five seconds. It also consists of five speed gear box with automatic operation. Now for such a fast moving car the brakes need to be equally efficient. The car is thus fitted with 14.2 inch and 13.8 inch front rotors and discs at the back of the car to afford it to come to a standstill at 100km/ph in less than 120 feet.

It has also improved suspension for damping and the driver has the option of choosing between Auto and Sports option for maximum riding satisfaction. The car also comes fitted with Electronic Stability Control.

This palace on wheels is supposed to be on sale in the third quarter of this current year and is expected to spark a mass appeal. With all such qualities imbibed in a single car, who can resist not to posses such a poetry on steel. It is thus a must buy for all those who can afford to buy such a super luxury model. The 2012 Chrysler 300 will become a style statement for all of the car aficionados of the world and there is no doubt that this car will become universally popular soon.

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