Key Features of 2012 Toyota Land Cruiser

black bison toyota land cruiser 1 Key Features of 2012 Toyota Land Cruiser
2012 Toyota land cruiser is the upgraded version of its forefathers. According to experts, this time the car has been tuned ensuring better technical uniformity removing previous drawbacks and deficiency. 4.5 liter V8 diesel propelled turbo charged powertrain provides 195kW of power and 650 NM torque. On the other hand V8 petrol driven 4.7 liter capacitated engine is extremely capable of generating 410 NM torque for the activation of car wheels. The tire bands insulating the borders of the wheelbases are long lasting and capable of generating excellent traction. HAC and VSC (Hill Start Assist Control +Vehicle Stability Control) have made the car more unique and up to date. 18 inch alloyed wheelbases are durable and light in weight. The metallic struts are based close to the car wheelbases.

Dampers of the vehicle have the tremendous capacity to absorb shock for enhancing the stability of car wheels regulating the movement of the vehicle with efficiency. At the same time drag-in engine co-efficiency level is low and therefore it increases the swiftness of the car when it runs discarding air pressure. This nocturnal watchdog is also upgraded with street nav system in unison with odometer, tachometer and speedometer to ensure trouble free car trips during night. The internal chips and car accessories have been either replaced or tuned by the experts. 6 CD capacitated audio systems with powerful speakers release distortion free sound. EMV nav tools are available inside the car compartment.

Bluetooth is also a part of car upgradation kit. Four cylinders are in order. This is the car which doesn’t spew smoke and fume which is laden with carbon. Car seats are comfortable to sit on. The enlarged and soft squads of the car seats are durable with properly covered with leather envelops. The fluorescent lamp fixtures have been installed to decorate the front facelift of the vehicle.

–Kreation guru
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The 2012 Land Cruiser announced the price between Dhs 214000 – 265000 (4.7L).

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