The 2011, A6 model from Audi

2011 Audi A6  The 2011, A6 model from Audi

112 0808 04z2009 audi a6interior 3750x2345  The 2011, A6 model from Audi

2011 Audi A6 back  The 2011, A6 model from Audi

Cars of the modern times are not only a mere vehicle for communication or carriage but they are a life style statement speaking clearly about the owners taste and status thus the car manufactures are coming up with jazzy and innovative designer cars that are both good to ride and great to look at One such car is 2011 Audi A6 which will recently be launched.

The car will not win any prize for its bold design but it is elegant. It has a wheel base of length two thousand nine hundred and ten millimeter. The alloy wheels are sixteen inch and there is a light emitting diode taillight. There is option for LED lights as head lights also.

The inside cabin is also stylish and improved. It has climate control system. A Multi Media Interface is also fitted with the car with a display of six and half inch monitor that does all the functions of navigation to radio tuning. It has a powerful sound system too. The cruise control and automated lane assistant which works with a optical camera is also available. The side assist which helps to detect blind spot vehicles is there also with night vision assistance.

There will be an option of availability of five different engines. The car will come with an aluminum chassis with steel spring support. It has a standard front wheel drive but all wheel drive is also available at hand. The car has used steel and aluminum as construction material to reduce weight of the vehicle.

The 2011 Audi A6,a gem of a car, is set to be launched somewhere early in the next year. It will come with a price bracket of € thirty eight thousand five hundred.

To sum up it is a car of utopian finish and caters to the taste of all types of customers globally.
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