2011 Citroen DS5 – Features, Photos, Price

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The French automaker Citroen launched their first-ever hybrid version named, Citroen DS5 in 2011. The DS5 will be feature a traditional front wheel drive power train combined with hybrid electric motors to provide additional moving force to the rear rollers.

Citroen DS5 model is a domestic vehicle, its design, with our well-known model and it will provide several optional luxury configurations. The Citroen DS5 be powered by a HDI diesel engine turning the front wheels combined with separate electrics motors to provide extra grunt to the rear wheels whenever necessary. The car used a full-scale three-dimensional model to create a virtual workshop that aims to identify improvements in both the efficiency and quality of the installation process.

The DS5 will feature a new transmission and probably 4WD. the design eliminates the associated heavy weight of AWD vehicles by using two powerplants in the car. By putting the diesel drivetrain up front, where it can drive the front wheels, and the electric motor at the rear, where it drives the rear wheels, PSA has eliminated the need for heavy and bulky transfer cases, driveshafts and differentials.

The all new Citroen will refresh their new car product with 2011 Citroen DS5 that will unveiling at the Frankfurt motor show in September, but now they testing this car in winter testing with the camouflaged car. This car will feature with hybrid all-wheel drive system that equipped with diesel engine in front wheels and electric motor on the rear. Citroen DS5 in progres doing winter testing and will come in September at Frankfurt motor show, don’t miss.

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