2011 Mazda MPV – Photos, Features, Price

2011 Mazda5 MPV 01 2011 Mazda MPV   Photos, Features, Price

2011 Mazda5 MPV 7 2011 Mazda MPV   Photos, Features, Price

2011 Mazda5 MPV 3 2011 Mazda MPV   Photos, Features, Price

Mazda designed its new version named  Mpv. It is smooth, quiet and powerful. The models come with a number of MPV parts and available MPV accessories that will make driving fun. The little car is big on the cool factor, but small on the cargo space.

The 2011 Mazda Mpv has been significantly upgraded, with a new 3.0-liter V6 that delivered substantially more power and torque. Mazda paired this new engine with a new and responsive five-speed automatic transmission and a revised suspension. Big, sporty 17-inch alloy wheels are standard on the ES version.

The car features a beautifully designed interior with high-quality materials, excellent ergonomics, and great seats. Sliding doors on both sides are convenient, and they have real windows that go up and down, which is nice for back-seat riders. Flexible seating and cargo configurations make it easy for the car to handle a variety of tasks on a busy day.

The all new  Mazda MPV  was initially reviewed as underpowered, using the Mazda AJ (which was actually Ford’s Duratec) 2.5 L V6, an engine intially designed by Porsche before it was sold to Ford and used in the Contour. This was replaced in a 2002 refresh with Mazda’s AJ 3.0 L V6 and a 5-speed automatic transmission that produces 200 hp and 200 ft·lbf of torque, matching Mazda’s “zoom zoom” theme. Also updated at this time were the grille, which now was larger, with a single chrome bar at the top rather than a full surround

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Mazda announced its model price at $28,700.

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