2011 Proton Hybrid city – Photos, Price, Features

Giugiaro proton hybrid city car main 2011 Proton Hybrid city   Photos, Price, Features

Proton and Giugiaro have jointly revealed the concept version of a striking new hybrid city-car. It is a smartly-styled five-door hatchback. It is also a pretty small car and provides space for four persons and the trunk has 320 liters capacity.

New hybrid city having the heat engine of 1.2 liter capacity and developing 51 horsepower placed under the front hood, when the electric engine at 45 kW and the lithium-ion batteries are placed in the back. The propulsion of the car is ensured only by the electric engine, when the head engine having only one role, charging the electric batteries. This Proton Concept goes from 0 to 100 km/h in 14 seconds and the maximum speed is 170 km/h.

The hybrid system allows the driver to cruise around town using just the battery and emitting no pollution, with the engine cutting in when required for a recharge. The Proton City car will have the ability to be recharged via a standard mains supply too.

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