2011 Proton Saga Facelifted – Features, Photos, Price

Proton Saga facelift 2011 2011 Proton Saga Facelifted   Features, Photos, Price

The 2011 Proton Saga  is not actually a brand new model, but rather facelifted version. The new upgraded Proton Saga will have the trademark Proton front grill like another models.

The new Proton Saga is a sensitive model would come with the projector headlamps that Theophilus has given the renderings above though and the new shape for the headlamps and the front grille, as well as the reflectors on the rear bumper. The car is enhanced with Intergrated Air Fuel Module technology, the new CamPro 1.3 engine enables greater efficiency at low speeds. While allowing better performance and improved stability at high speeds.

The interior features of car include: equipped with airbag protection for the driver for greater peace of mind, a longer and wider body comes with a generous, useful 413-litre boot capacity, sleek minimalist styling reveals little thoughtful details like convenient cup or bottle holders at every seat, handy storage compartments like a CD holder and even a floor compartment to get you organised.

The new Proton Saga facelift is now available in four different variants – the Standard M/T and A/T as well as the higher spec Executive M/T and A/T, which is one grade level less than the pre-facelift Saga, which was available in N-Line, B-Line and M-Line. Effectively, this means very basic N-Line with the cheapest price tag and the black bumper is not represented in the new line-up.

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