2012 BMW 3 Series – Photos, Features, Price

2012 BMW 3 2012 BMW 3 Series   Photos, Features, Price

BMW redesigned its new model named, 3-Series the cleanest, thriftiest, most technically advanced in 2012. The 3 Series model has been one of the top selling vehicle models in the industry and one of the frontrunners for the manufacturer. The manufacturers are therefore looking to refurbish the series to deliver a fresh new perspective into a long running series and convince old and new consumers of its long term value.

The engine of car will use 3.0-liter, 300 horsepower twin-turbo inline-6 engine and there may be an ActiveHybrid 3 model. In fuel economy the current 3 Series gets 22 mpg. Acceleration is expected to be strong. Suspension of this car use sport-tuned suspension. The 3 Series offers the sportiest and the most elegant car range. The new model has a number of available 3 Series body kits, BMW cars feed power to the rear wheels, giving you point-and-go handling, unfettered by understeer and steering inertia.

2012 BMW 3-Series has some advantages are, more interior space available, the seating height has been increased, the renewed styling offers a fresher new look, better fuel economy.The interior quality of this vehicle model is topnotch to ensure better quality riding experience. The vehicle body has been upsized which resulted to an increase in body width to increase interior space and increase seating height.

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2012 BMW 3-Series released the starting price range from $36,000-$70,000.

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