Ginetta G55 Sports Car Racer – Features, Photos, Price

ginetta g55 100332008 l Ginetta G55 Sports Car Racer   Features, Photos, Price
British sports carmaker Ginetta has revealed their new concept G55 racecar. Designed primarily as a race car, although with past models, there have also been road-going versions, the new G55 is to be unveiled for the first time at the 2011 Autosport International in the UK

The new Ginetta G55 is powered by a 3.7 liter Ford engine that delivers an impressive 370 HP. Next to this impressive engine, the G55 also gets a Hewland gearbox, cool air induction kit, up-rated front and rear brakes, new exhaust system and stunning new bodywork with improved aerodynamics.

The all new Ginetta boss, Lawrence Tomlinson, commented on the changes: “The G50 has dominated GT4 since its launch 2 years ago and proved itself as a real stepping stone into the GT4 arena. By introducing the G55 into the new Ginetta GT Supercup, I want to broaden Ginetta’s offering to all drivers expanding our career ladder even further and highlight a real route into GT3 – whilst still providing an affordable way to enjoy top level racing”.

Photo gallery

Starting priced at $117,742.

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